E-Commerce Development

Shopify, WordPress & Bespoke E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce is massive, it was estimated to be worth $10+ Billion in 2020, so having your own e-commerce website is a must. Whether you are a small-time retailer who wants to begin selling your products online, or an influencer looking to sell your new merch line to your followers, having a unique experience for your customers is a must.

Our team can help increase your revenue by creating a beautiful, responsive and unqiue experience that will keep your customers coming back time and time again. From building your new Shopify theme, to using our bespoke, in-house platform called WaveyStore, we can help you take your business to a new level with a brand-new e-commerce website.

working process

step 1

Planning & Strategy

We will discuss your project with you, get your ideas and plan the solution alongside you and your team.

step 2

Design & Development

We then design and build your project, from scratch using the latest and greatest technology.

step 3

Testing & Launch

We then go into codefreeze and begin full testing. We then deploy the project live and watch the visitors roll in.

As well as working with Shopify, WordPress and more, our team have built an in-house solution that rivals the current providers on the market, and we call it WaveyStore, below is some of the details about our solution:

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