Don't just settle, make a splash with Wavey.

As a software house, we specialise in many aspects of the development process, from design, to implementation, to the hosting of your new website or application. Check out a list of our services below and get in touch today to begin your journey with us.


  • Brand Identity

    It is a well known fact that your business is judged on your brand, that is why our in-house team of design gurus will work with you and your team to design a brand identity that will make you stand out and keep your customers coming back.

  • Website Design

    Did you know that it takes under a second for a customer to decide if they trust and will buy from you, just from your website design? We specialise in design that keep your customers happy, and ensures brand trust when they visit your website.

  • Application Design

    We all know the struggle of logging into an application, and feeling like we are using MSDos, well with Wavey, we have extensive experience designing applications from the ground up, ensuring that your application is modern, and is enjoyable to your users.


  • Website Development

    Almost everyone in the world is online these days, and most of them are on mobile, and that is why we have put extensive research into the technology we use for website development and have built several solutions that fit each of our clients needs. From our in-house CMS codenamed Mason, to our e-commerce platform Shoppy, we have a solution that fits all.

  • SaaS Development

    Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, what do that all have in common? They get up, and do it. That is why we work with you on your idea, and help you develop a solution that can change the industry. No idea is too small, no idea is too big, if you have a SaaS idea, talk with us and we can help make that idea into a reality.

  • Mobile Application

    With most of the world always looking at their phone, you NEED a solution that works on mobile, that is why we have hired an expert team who build and deploy expertly crafted mobile applications that scale and are built on the latest and greatest technology.

  • Web3 Development

    Let's be honest, at some point a customer has asked you to pay through Crypto, or they have asked you, is this application decentralised? With our extensive knowledge of Web3 and the technology behind it, we can build you a new Web3 ready application that can scale, (Unlike the blockchain). Want some examples? Check out and grab yourself a sick subdomain to showcase your NFT collections or even just for a flex.


  • Social Media Management

    Not everyone has the time to keep up-to date with their social media, we sometimes dont. That is why we work with you on a social media marketing plan, and we will execute it for you. Using our in-house marketing solution WaveySocial, we can schedule, promote and convert your social media posts into real customers, without even breaking a sweat.

  • TOTB Marketing

    Ever thought to yourself, I have run loads of Google Ads, spent thousands on Facebook ads, but don't see areturn? This is where our "Think outside of the box" marketing comes into play. We will develop and execute a sick marketing campaign that utilises real-world solutions such as billboards, social experiments and more.

  • SEO

    We have all heard the phrase "SEO expert", well we mean it. We work with a range of SEO experts who we trustand investigate why you aren't ranking on Google, and fix the problem to ensure you rank on your desired keywords. Also need backlinks? Our team will ensure you receive the best quality backlinks. No more scanning the internet for free backlink generators, let Wavey get you high quality, real backlinks.

Hosting & Devops

  • Hosting

    You, like many others will fall into two categories, either you host currently on a shared hosting provider, or two, you have a current host that utilises AWS, but did you know that your website is currently on the same server as potentially thousands of other customers? Wavey ensures that your website is isolated, on its own hardware, has the greatest performance, and can scale to any size without costly downtime.

  • Managed Databases

    Do you have a large database with thousands, or even millions of customers and struggle to keep your database maintained and performing well? Let us take the hassle away from you. Our managed database service lets you focus on growing your business, while we scale and secure your database on our industry leading infrastructure. Scale to any size, with NO monthly bandwidth fees.

  • Domain Names

    Did you know that when you buy a domain name from a provider such as Namecheap or GoDaddy, your actually notgetting as good a deal as you could? Wavey doesn't agree with charging an arm and a leg for domain names, that is why we have teamed up with Cloudflare to provide domain name registration for as low as £1 per year. You only pay what we pay, no more up-charging of domain names and costly transfer fees.